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Pitco Pasta Perfect Cookers

Making sure your customers are completely satisfied with their pasta takes skill. If you cook your pasta too long, it becomes soggy. If you take too long to serve your guest, and their meal turns cold!

Thanks to Pitco, Pasta Perfect prevents these problems by doing it right every time by automating the process of pasta preparation.

Pitco’s Pasta Perfect can produce up to 500 ten-ounce servings of pasta every hour by cooking large quantities in advance, then warming individual orders as they’re received, eliminating the wait the customer experiences. Every pasta dish cooks perfectly with automatic basket lifts and electronic time controls. Vermicelli, spaghetti, macaroni, ravioli, linguine, it cooks it all evenly with cooking and warming times from 5 seconds to 16 minutes. And it doesn’t take up much of that coveted floor space, taking up less than seven square feet of floor space.

Pasta Perfect Features:

  • Complete self-contained work center requires less than seven feet of floor space.
  • Cooking and warming times from 5 seconds to 16 minutes may be selected.
  • Function selector switch determines mode, cook, or warm.
  • Portion cup rack that holds up to nine individual portions cups.
  • Cooking basket is lowered and raised automatically by electronic time control.
  • Cooks approximately 15 pounds of pasta per load. Up to 190 ten-ounce servings of uncooked pasta per hour.

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