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Traulsen Fish & Poultry Refrigerators

Constructed with stainless steel inside and out, the Traulsen Fish File refrigerator models are built to last for years without sacrificing performance!

A great feature of the Traulsen Fish File is that inside each self-closing drawer of the Fish File refrigerator, contains a plastic pan that is 16” wide by 18 7/8” long by 6 ½” deep. When the ice starts to melt, the water drains through the perforated insert into the pan’s drain port for easy drainage.

A top-mounted, self-contained, balanced refrigeration system maintains a normal operating temperature of 36°F—perfect for preventing ice from melting away too quickly. Keeping tabs on the temperature is made much easier by using the digital thermometer.


  • Keeps fish and poultry fresh and safe on a bed of crushed ice
  • Self-closing drawers for efficiency
  • Special interior drawer pans include a perforated bottom for drainage

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