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Save Time and Money with Pitco’s ROV Fryer

Pitco’s ROV (Reduced Oil Volume) fryers use less oil than traditional oil fryers, using only 30 pounds, rather than having a 50 pound oil capacity. Less cooking oil means less oil expense!

The Pitco ROV system also helps to keep your cooking oil fresher. As the ROV fryer is used, a little oil is dragged out of the fry pot with every batch. When it falls to a certain level, the ROV refills the fry pot with fresh oil. With less oil to start, and more frequent top-offs, oil is replaced before it has a chance to fully oxidize. The result is fresher, tastier food!

Available in either gas or electric, the ROV also has either manual or automated filtering options. The unit also has a variety of computerized programs and functions that keep track of the number of batches cooked, when filtering is needed, overrides, as well as oil levels. Large heat tubes and low watt density elements also ensure lower heating surface temperatures, reducing the thermal breakdown of oil.

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