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Master-Bilt’s MCRCD System

Specifically designed for the Master-Bilt Bilt2Spec Custom Walk-ins, the Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost (MCRCD) saves 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system!

This is achieved by first eliminating unnecessary defrost cycles during regularly scheduled times. Traditionally, defrosters may continue to become defrosted during times when conditions are already ideal. Defrosting when conditions are already ideal waste energy, and increases cost. The MCRCD system responds to evaporator superheat and return air temperatures, running defrost only when necessary.

The MCRCD also defrosts faster. Most defrost heaters take 20-30 minutes to complete a defrost cycle. When the MCRCD detects a need to defrost, high temperature refrigerant flow is reversed. Refrigerant from the hot side of the system flows back through the evaporator coils, heating them along the way and completely eliminating frost build-up. Defrost for freezers takes 3-5 minutes.

If that wasn’t enough, your MCRCD system can be accessed anywhere through any web browser. Web2Walk-In software is loaded on each controller so you can remotely monitor and program all data and set points. Constant access to data allows you to improve refrigeration system performance and avoid service issues.

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