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The Induction Tabletop Heat Retaining Unit from Garland

Ideal for buffets, banquets, and events, the Induction Tabletop Heat Retaining Unit keeps hot food hot, and provides constant and accurate temperature control.

The Induction warm holding system consists of an induction generator with two heat retaining/holding zones. Built with the latest RTCSmp (Realtime Temperature Control System) technology, you can be assured you are getting heat where you need it!


  • The prepared food vessels can be transferred directly to the serving or buffet line
  • Accommodates odd shaped cooking vessels
  • Induction warming and holding is easier to set up and maintain
  • It allows design flexibility when incorporating any number of components below the surface, such as refrigeration, ovens, plate warming or even open clean space
  • The induction unit only generates power when a pan is in contact with the surface
  • The amount of radiant heat is seriously reduced, resulting in energy savings
  • Electronics are fast, safe, and controlled
  • Temperature control is instantaneous and precise
  • RTSCmp communicates with the generator and ensures the correct amount of power is sent to the vessel to maintain the proper temperature – automatically.
  • Only one generating unit for every 4 surface plates
  • Surface plates have more sensors than the competition, resulting in better temperature consistency across a greater variety of pans

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