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Paderno’s Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven

Paderno has recently unveiled 420 new products, each designed with creative culinary professionals in mind! Here’s a featured look at the Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven:

A fun concept, with all the features and benefits that makes Dutch oven cooking so tasty! They are lightweight, but carry all the same benefits that heavy-weight cast iron Dutch ovens have. The enameled lid paired with the self-basting design collects droplets of condensation and delivers it back into the food to create tender and moist results.

These Dutch ovens conduct heat very effectively, and are non-stick and stain-resistant with a double ceramic-coated interior and encapsulated disc, making them compatible with any cook top, including induction. They are oven and dishwasher safe, BPA and PFOA-free.

Check out their 2018 product catalog with the Dutch oven and many, many other awesome products!

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