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Blodgett’s Hydrovection Ovens

Why have Combi ovens been embraced in Europe, but have been slow to catch on in America?

A few reasons might include a lack of familiarity, as well as less confined spaces compared to kitchens in Europe. Combi ovens provide maximum versatility in a smaller footprint, and Blodgett offers a full line of Combis that include their Universal line, Heavy Duty line, Mini Combis, and hoodless “Hoodini” Combis. There is also a full line of Convection Ovens from their Economy Series BDO and SHO ovens, to their Midrange Zephaire models, and their Premium Series DFG and Mark V ovens.

So what do you do if you want something more than a traditional Convection Oven? Blodgett has a steamy option: the Hydrovection Oven. It is much more than a Convection Oven, and at a lower price point than a full blown Combi. It adds steam to the Convection baking process with great results. Cook times are about 30% shorter, and yields are about 20% higher!

But what about familiarity? Blodgett Hydrovection ovens feature manual controls for complete optimization of time, temperature and humidity. They also come with SmartTouch2 controls that allow for USB upload of specific recipe settings that provide maximum simplicity and consistency. Blodgett offers split door design, and solid welded angle iron frames for durability.

So if you’re considering a different option that offers more features and benefits than an old fashioned convection oven, take a look at the Blodgett Hydrovection oven!

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