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Gender Neutral Restroom Signage from Crown Brands

Despite opinions on the issue of gender neutral restrooms and gender identity, operators must find solutions that inform all patrons of what facilities are available, and where they are located. Depending on the operation, simple “His” and “Hers” signs may no longer be sufficient.

Update International, from Crown Brands, has introduced new signage for “All Gender Restrooms.” These are 6”x9” signs with easy, self-adhesive backing. They are professional looking, easy to read, and include Braille to satisfy the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The signs also feature the traditional standard international symbols for “Women” (stick figure in a dress), and “Men” (stick figure in pants) along with a new third international graphic symbol that combines both (stick figure with half a dress and half a pair of pants). These signs will satisfy policy and code requirements, and let your customers know you are aware of the issue, and seeking to accommodate all.

Find this sign and more at Update International’s website.

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