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Traulsen’s Full Size Prep Tables

Storing your food at the right temperature can be difficult. Keep your food too cold, your food freezes. Keep it not cold enough, and you make your food unsafe.

However, Traulsen have created the TS Full-Size Prep Tables that feature TempAssure technology! This air-channel system circulates air above and below prep-table pans, extending over the food surface, down the entire length of the rail and into the bottom of the cabinet. This technology provides 15 hours of NSF-7 certified temperature performance!

You can also save valuable kitchen space as it has a front breathing design with zero clearance installation, allowing you to push the unit right up to the wall or into a corner. With a hinged access door on the lower right, it couldn’t be easier to access the condenser filter for periodic cleanings to extend the unit’s life and efficiency!

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