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The Dexter UR-Cut Knife

What makes a good knife? The ability to hold an edge? What about balance? While these are all very important features of a good knife, many chefs prefer the way it feels in their hand.

But what if you could mold a knife’s handle to feel like an extension of your own hand? That’s what you get with Dexter’s UR-Cut! Not only is the handle fully moldable and personalized to you, but the blade is manufactured from proprietary stain free, high-carbon steel and individually ground and honed. You know that the balance will be right too, as Dexter has been making blades since 1818. It is also made in the U.S.A.

To mold the handle, you simply remove your new Dexter UR-Cut from the package. Use an oven mitt to dip the handle in boiling water for two minutes. Remove it and quickly dip it in cold water for one second, then grip and squeeze the handle as you would when using it. Dip the handle back into cold water for ten seconds to set the shape and then let it cool. When you’re done, the knife grip will be form fit and ergonomically molded to your very own hand for a sure grasp and unmatched comfort.

Check out the video below to see the UR-Cut in action:

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