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Robot Coupe’s Blixer

Originally designed to be a solution to healthcare foodservice operators to completely puree food without any lumps or chunks, Robot Coupe’s Blixer is great for more than just healthcare foodservice.

Most blenders need additional liquid to prevent cavitation on certain foods, and when water is added to portions, it dilutes the food and lowers the nutritional content per portion. Many traditional bowl type food processors also lack the required horsepower and speed to completely puree many foods. These processors also need to be stopped from time to time to manually scrape food and chunks away from the sides.

The Blixer solves these issues. The Blixer is a cross between a blender and a cutter/mixer, and features a high horsepower industrial strength motor, stainless steel bowl, serrated blades, and speeds up to 3600 rpm, allowing the Blixer to quickly puree almost any food without the need for additional liquids! A manual scraper arm can be turned, while processing continues, to push lumps and chunks of food back toward the spinning blades. Countertop Blixers are available in capacities from 2.5 quarts up to 20 quarts, and floor model Blixers can handle even larger jobs.

Check out Robot Coupe’s website to read more about Blixers and the many features that are found in their lineup!

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