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Frymaster’s Sandwich Holding Station

Don’t dry out or overcook your wrapped foods by using the Frymaster Sandwich Holding Station! The holding station is a specifically designed heated holding unit that optimizes the hot holding of wrapped foods.

As hot air circulates over the open top, even heating is provided to all surfaces of the food, keeping the food warm, and ready for customers. Custom orders are delivered hot and fresh providing higher customer satisfaction and lower waste.

Constructed of stainless steel and featuring an aluminum anodized heated surface area, the heater plate temperature and air temperature are independently controlled by using the digital controls on the unit, which allow the plate and air temperature set points to be adjusted and monitored independently.


  • Stainless steel fry pot, door and cabinet
  • Controlled heat, prevents cooking, and drying
  • Simple to operate, featuring a pass-through design
  • Heated air for even heat distribution
  • Open-top, no lamps or bulbs needed

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