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Keeping Produce Fresher with Franke

APS300-Front-1024x521As a desire for healthy eating rises, the desire for farm fresh foods has never been more trendy. The demand for this fresh produce can become quite a challenge for foodservice professionals.

Luckily, those over at Franke have recognized this challenge, and presented a solution with the APS300 (Air Purification System). The APS300 has been honored as a 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award winner, and comes with benefits that produce less waste, no flavor transfer, a cleaner and odor-free walk in, and reduced mold in kitchen ventilation systems. As an added bonus, it keeps produce fresh twice as long.

Striping microbes, ethylenes, hydrocarbons, odors, and other containments from the air removes impurities that produce premature spoilage. Ethylene is a naturally occurring plant hormone released by many fruits and vegetables that speeds ripening. The combination of ethylene gas and airborne microbes can circulate between stored produce and accelerate ripening, mold growth, decay, wilting, spotting, and discoloration of valuable produce.

What Franke’s APS300 does is eliminates contaminants in food storage refrigerators and walk-in coolers by transforming these contaminants into harmless gases, without the use of filters and harmful chemicals. Everything is treated in the unit rather than in the cooler; air is drawn through the unit and only clean air comes out. It can be used in any walk-in refrigeration unit that is up to 20’x20’ in size.

This proven solution was originally developed for the U.S. Army to help them preserve produce shipped in 20-foot refrigerated containers in support of troop deployments worldwide, and Franke is bringing this same technology to the restaurant industry!

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