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Perlick’s Push Back Creamer Beer Faucet

beerFor this weekend, St. Patrick’s Day will likely be celebrated with plenty of beer to go around. And with any beer, you have to have the right amount of head. Head is the creamy foam layer on top of your beer. If you have too small amount of head, your customer believes the beer to be flat. If you have too much head on top of the beer, your customer thinks they are being cheated on the portion. The amount of head depends on the type of beer, but the desired amount is usually around ½”- 1 ½”.

Perlick-Push-Back-Tap-HandlesPerlick has made it possible with their beer faucet to get the perfect pour every time with the “Push Back Creamer.” How it works is when the tap handle is in the “off” position, the tap handle is vertical. Pulling the handle towards you, gives you a normal flow of beer. When the beer approaches the top of the glass, push the handle backwards, beyond vertical, until it is tilting away from you. In that position, the faucet finishes off the pour with a perfect creamy head. When released, a compression spring returns the handle to vertical.

Pushing the handle backwards activates a stainless steel piston that exposes small holes in the faucet. The turbulence created by beer passing through the holes produces the “cream,” and a satisfied customer. It also eliminates the spillage that occurs as bartenders pour off either excess foam or beer from a full glass, before topping it off again with whichever is lacking. The Push Back Creamer is available on all standard and flow control forward sealing Perlick Faucets.

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