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Geneva Design’s New Action Station

A sister company of Lakeside Foodservice, Geneva Design, is getting a ton a praise for their new Action Station. Features such as portability, a contemporary design, and a variety of features allow foodservice professionals to treat their guests, spotlight their chefs, and create a kitchen quickly.

A great feature that has been introduced is having the induction burners positioned lower to give chefs comfortable access to cookware. Freshly displayed ingredients, sauces, and batters are in close reach for easy accessibility. Other supplies such as spices are conveniently stored in speed rails.

The Action Station boasts 2 powerful 1800 watt induction ranges, and a laminated interior in its lower storage compartment. Stainless steel tubular legs keeps the station looking flawless, with stainless steel also covering the ingredient top bin. Choose between a standard laminate finish, or a custom one to personalize your Action Station!

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