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Enhancing Presentation of Food with American Metalcraft

In 2015 it’s not enough to serve great food in a visually appealing way. The serving vessels should appear to have been made specifically for the culinary creation served on or inside them. It’s now a bit easier to pair plates and food with American Metalcraft.

Serving house-cured meats and local cheeses? Then these beautiful charcuterie boards from American Metalcraft are perfect. Their rich patterns and earthy looks pair perfectly with the flavors in the meats and cheeses served on them. This particular line of Ash Wood Serving Boards from American Metalcraft comes in four different sizes, ranging from 17″ x 6″ to 21″ x 10″.

Operations that serve vintage cocktails already know it’s important to have martini glasses for martinis and rocks glasses for old fashioneds. But what about the classic mint julep? Traditionally, it’s served at the Kentucky Derby in a metal cup. While most operations may not want to attempt to duplicate the horse race, they can easily replicate the feel with the 11 oz., brushed stainless steel Mint Julep Cup from American Metalcraft.

While vintage cocktails have become popular again, so have old-school menu items. And similarly, it’s important for operators to serve them on dishes that give off that old-school feeling. Whether it’s a classic roasted chicken, meatloaf, or even shrimp and grits, American Metalcraft’s White Melamine Antique Platters offer the feel of a by-gone era where these recipes originated, heightening the dining experience.

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