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Efficiency is Key with Kolpak

The Kolpak Premium Advantage Package is a series of innovative, energy-saving products available only from Kolpak designed to make walk-in coolers and freezers run as efficiently as possible.

The Kolpak Premium Advantage Package can help operators achieve up to 50% energy savings on their walk-iKolpak Premium Advantage Packagens. The package includes three major components.

  • Award winning ArcticFox cooling control provides Tru-Demand defrost instead of timed defrost. Timed defrost systems are set to activate at particular times of day, typically following predetermined periods of heavy use. However, during periods of atypical use, like when an employee leaves the walk-in door hanging open for an hour, the unit may need defrosting before the next scheduled activation is set to occur. ArcticFox initiates defrost based on need. Sensors monitor the efficiency of the coil and activate the unit to maintain optimal and level temperatures with a minimum of energy usage.
  • Kolpak Premium Advantage PackageThe Kolpak Air Shield, an alternative to strip curtains. The problem with traditional strip curtains is that employees often tie or drape them to one side to keep them from dragging across their head, face, shoulders, and food while entering and exiting the walk-in. The Air Shield is mounted on the hinge side of the door and blows air across the entryway. It creates a barrier with a vortex inside the walk-in that keeps cold air in and warm air out. It is activated whenever the door is open and does not interfere with employees coming and going.
  • LED lighting. With up to 85% energy reduction and extended bulb life, several easy replacement and retrofit LED lights are available from Kolpak. They provide great visibility and can be preset and controlled by the ArcticFox controller as well.

These three components combine to increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon footprints. End users will enjoy energy cost savings, temperature stability and extended equipment life.

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