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Those Who Know Choose Victorinox

“Those who know choose Victorinox.” With their latest research findings, it makes sense. Of late, Victorinox has boasted that their knives are both 25% sharper and last 65% longer than their competitors’.

Lab testing on sharpness proved that, out of the box, Victorinox knives do rate as sharper. The tests look at the knife blade’s edge as well as how well it cuts in relation to how much pressure is required for the cutting. To extend this test, the knives were used over uniform periods of time and then the sharpness was tested again. And again, according to the research, the Victorinox knives rated sharper. To test for durability, Victorinox  consulted its customers in the meat processing field. They asked their customers to use Victorinox cutlery as well as knives from the competition and they measured how often the knives needed to be replaced. On average, the results justified Victorinox’s claim.

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