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Introducing the First Energy Star Certified Fryer

Energy costs of your restaurant stacking up? Some places have the ability to cut their bill by thousands of dollars just by using energy efficient freezers and lighting. Now, Pitco has designed the VF35 as the first ever Energy StFirst Ever Energy Star Certified Value Fryerar certified value fryer. It utilizes a cast iron burner, which is the same burner Pitco puts in its Solstice series fryers. This burner draws in more primary air, mixing with the gas more efficiently to produce a nice, clean blue flame. The VF35 operates at 70,000 BTU yet can cook product at he same rate as fryers that operate at 90,000 BTU. This level of efficiency allows operators to consume up to 35% less gas.

The VF35 allows operators to save in other places too. Its Energy Star certification qualifies it for rebates with gas utility companies where applicable. After combining the gas savings and the rebates, where available, it’s clear that the VF35 is a smart investment for operators.


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