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Jackson CREW 66 Conveyor Dishmachine

CREW-66The CREW is loaded with best-in-class energy-saving features built around the largest wash tank in the industry.  The WISR Cleaning System provides one-pass cleaning performance while reducing water consumption to an industry leading 0.35 gallons per rack in the CREW 66.  CREW lowers water, and chemical and energy costs.

Some of the features of the CREW 66:

  • Uses only .35 gallons of water per rack!
  • 22″ pre-wash section uses the power of four wash arms to remove and isolate food soil before the wares enter the wash zone
  • Pre-wash features two internal scrap baskets that provide 60% greater capacity than previous model
  • WISR Cleaning System
  • Rainbow Rinse with arched rinse arm (patent pending)
  • Self-cleaning wash arms with (patent pending) non-clogging, convex jets
  • Exclusive EnergyGuard control system cuts idle energy use and lowers chemical usage by operating the machine only when a rack is being washed or rinsed
  • Fully automatic, including auto-fill
  • Double-wall insulated doors provide quiet operation and low heat radiation to the dishroom
  • Adjustable vent cowl collars allow flexibility in replace scenarios
  • Onboard booster heater available
  • Digital temperature readout
  • And many more!

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