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Which Mat is Best for You?


It’s often easy to overlook the matting that lines the floors of foodservice operations. But having the appropriate matting in each area of a foodservice operation is vital in facilitating a safe and comfortable environment for both workers and patrons. According to Apex Matting, there are typically three criteria for selecting the right matting.

  1. Comfort. Generally, the thicker the mat, the more comfortable it is to stand on. Mats typically come in thicknesses of 3/8″, 1/2″, and 7/8″. The thinnest mats are best for high-traffic areas while the thickest mats are best for areas where workers stand for extended periods of time.
  2. Drainage. The degree to which a mat is required to drain is directly related to the amount of spillage or potentially standing water that might be present.
  3. Quality. Considering grease and oil break down matting, the more grease and oil a mat is exposed to, the higher quality an operator will want.

For more on selecting the right mat for different spaces in an operation, consult the table below.

Location Recommendation Description
1 Cooking Line San EZE II Red, Tek-Tough Red, Optimat Red, Optimat Brown, Tek-Tough Jr. Red, Super Flow Red Grease-proof rubber with ergonomic comfort and traction in wet or grease areas
2 Carving Station San EZE Black, Tek-Tough Black, Tek-Tough Jr. Black, Super Flow Black Flexible configurations, some exposure to greases, oils, & water, drainage, & comfort
3 Dishwasher/Pot Scrub Tek-Tough Black, Tek-Tough Jr. Black, Super Flow Black Heavy duty rubber makes this a good economical choice – excellent drainage from work platform
4 Dessert Bar Optimat Brown, Tek-Tough Jr. Black, Super Flow Black Beveled Edge and rubber surface make cart access easy
5 Bar Tek-Tough Jr. Black, Grip True Black, Super Foam, Tek-Tough Black Drainage, anti-slip, and comfort
6 Waitperson Station Super Flow Black, Tek-Tough Jr. Black, Comfort Rest Provides excellent coverage and supports fatigue relief
7 Walk in Freezers & Coolers Deep Freezer Mat, Multi Mat II Cold temperatures will not affect rubber
8 Receiving Multi Mat II, Grip True Assist in prevention of slips and falls -sure traction design keeps mat firm in place
9 Cash Register SuperFoam, Comfort Rest Makes standing more comfortable – Ideal for dry areas and work stations
10 Foyer Atlantic Olefin, Bristol Ridge, Water Master Perfect for placement inside entrances
11 Entrance Ridge Scraper, Water Master, Finger Scrape Helps keep mud and dirt outside – excellent water absorption

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