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The T&S ChekPoint Rinse Faucet Combines Reliability and Ability

TS-Brass-LogoWhen T&S set out to design a new hands-free rinse faucet, they combined the proven reliability of their ChekPoint Rinse Faucet with the outstanding rinse ability of the classic B-0107 spray head. The result has just been introduced as the ECR-D0810-107 ChekPoint Rinse Faucet with pre-rinse capabilities.


This new hybrid rinse faucet features a rigid 90º riser and 360º swivel that make it easy to direct the rinse spray wherever it’s needed. Like all ChekPoint sensor faucets, it comes complete with solenoid, water filter, mechanical mixing valve, and water savings features like programmable automatic time-out and water shut-off delay. ChekPoint sensor faucets conveniently operate on AC or DC power, but an optional hydrogenerator is also available. It converts water flow to power that is stored in batteries.

Robust below-deck electronics, heavy-duty brass construction, and flexible stainless steel supply lines all add to the durability and reliability of this unit. Integral filter screens protect the faucet and solenoid, while the built-in check valves stop back flow and water contamination. The entire unit is a versatile and efficient addition to any dishroom.

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