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CAL-MIL Melamine Cold Concept Risers

Remember those days when the window to serve cold food was extremely limited? How many times has food quality suffered on carefully prepared, chilled foods because of warm ambient temperatures?

Fortunately, these CAL-MIL Melamine Cold Concept Risers provide an elegant food display while discreetly keeping the food chilled. The Cold Concept Melamine Risers are available in both 5″ and 8″ heights in copper and stainless steel. The melamine plates offer durability without compromising beauty in presentation.


This package includes cold packs, liners, risers, and an elegant Melamine platter. By placing the cold pack in the riser directly under the food tray, the Cold Concept Riser is ready for service. These displays are sure to impress the fussiest guests and keep creatively prepared culinary delights chilled for the length of most events.

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