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The John Boos ADA / Ergonomic Adjustable Preparation Tables

John Boos & Co. has just introduced a solution to a problem that most food preparation workers experience: preparing food for hours at a time, possibly inducing back pain. They have come out with a full line of ADA / Ergonomic Adjustable Work Tables that are made in the U.S.A. Available in several sizes, all feature a 16-gauge stainless steel top with or without a 5″ riser. All can bergonomic adjustable work tablee adjusted from 32″ to 40″ in height using a hand crank and built-in hydraulic lift system. The crank operates smoothly and folds under the table and out of the way when not in use. John Boos adjustable work tables can minimize discomfort, physical stress, and absenteeism caused by posture related pain or injuries.

The typical work table in a commercial kitchen is fixed at about 34”. Using step stools or boxes to elevate shorter workers invites trip-and-fall injuries. Elevating a work table on a fixed platform is not a simple or quick adjustment, and is not easily reversed. John Boos adjustable work tables can be adjusted to maximize comfort and productivity for each employee with just a few turns of a crank.

The foodservice industry ranks among the top for work related injuries. If you’re an operator of a foodservice establishment, you should consider John Boos ADA / Ergonomic Adjustable Work Tables.

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