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Say Goodbye Mixed Drink “Free Pours”

spill stop
One case (twelve .75 L bottles) contains 304 oz. of liquor and yields 243, 1.25 oz. pours. Pouring just .25 oz. over per glass results in a yield of only 203 drinks per case. At $6 a drink, the bar owner could lose up to $240 in profit per case. If the operation goes through 7 cases a week for a full year, it stands to lose upwards of $87,360 per year.

Typically a drink’s total alcohol content does not exceed 2 oz. The main ingredient is usually 1.25 oz., and any other liquor makes up the remaining .75 oz. (example: margarita 1.25 oz. tequila .75 oz. triple sec, 1 or more oz. lime juice and mix).

There are a few ways to monitor pour volume. The first would be by implementing Posi-Por pourers from Spill-Stop into a bar program. These pourers fit on liquor bottles and measure out 1 oz. pours. Another option is to mandate that bar tenders use shot glasses to measure liquor before mixing drinks. The last is proper training and supervision. Either way, all should lead to higher yields from the bar.

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