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Keep Your Glasses Clean

Any grease, dirt, or soap film on a glass can leave beverages flat. A properly cleaned glass allows water to sheet off evenly, leaving it to dry without spots and streaks. Soda and sparkling wine will taste fresher with more fizz. Wine lovers will experience the true color, aroma, and taste of fine wines. When serving beer, clean glasses also promote an appealing “head” on the beer that leaves a lace with every sip. Controlling the head on a beer also carries profit and loss factors (see chart below). For instructions on pouring the perfect beer, click here. An electric glass washer and proper chemicals may be something to consider for consistent profits and customer satisfaction in beverage service.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.25.06 PM

Beverages can be a huge profit generator. Even though the prep of drinks is minor compared to meals, operators should make sure not to cut any corners.

*These statistics were provided by Bar Maid

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