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Champion’s New Dry Assist Technology

It’s not a surprise that this Champion High Temp, Undercounter Dishwasher won a 2014 Kitchen Innovation Award. Champion’s new UH330B features Champion’s new Dry Assist technology. This high-temp machine speeds up the time it takes to wash, rinse, and dry dishes in a foodservice operation. To conclude its cycle, the machine dries the dishes inside its chamber.

The new dry assist technology keeps all of the steam and heat inside the chamber and turns it into a free heat source for the dishwasher. How does it do this? Basically, instead of emitting a rush of steam when the door is opened, the machine’s Dry Assist technology takes the air and heat out of the chamber and runs it through the heat processor and down through the booster. This process turns the hot air into a free usable energy resource.

For more information on Champion’s new Dry Assist technology, click here.

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