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There are so many things to consider today when running a busy foodservice operation. Food waste elimination is rarely on the top of that list. But, if operators don’t have a good system in place, removing waste from an establishment can prove to be costly, messy, and just bad for the environment.

Eliminate food waste with EnviroPure. EnviroPure Systems bring a solution with a better way to deal with food waste. This food waste elimination system naturally breaks down food and turns it into a liquid with less than 7 microns of solid. That is nice and clean.

EnviroPure uses an all-natural organic vitamin mix instead of enzymes so there is no coagulation or potential trouble for water treatment plants. Municipalities love it.

Let’s “break down” the benefits for operators into three parts.

1. Personal Gratification. By plugging into this easy-to-install unit, end users can feel good about the fact that they are reducing the greenhouse gas in the environment. Food waste at dump sites is the highest contributor of greenhouse gas.

2. Labor & Cost Savings. By turning solid food waste into a liquid, operators are reducing the need for garbage handling and eliminating the costs associated with garbage haul off.

3. Reputation & Comfort. Commercial foodservice operators that utilize EnviroPure enjoy a much cleaner environment and eliminate unwanted pests. They can also put more attention on the side of their business that brings customers in the door.

These high quality, industrial strength systems are designed to solve the environmental, operational, and economic problems of dealing with food waste in foodservice operations.

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