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Blast Chilling with American Panel

More and more foodservice operators are equipping their operations with blast chillers to meet their production needs.

The Food Safety Advantage

Blast chillers are a key player in a successful HACCP plan. Controlling the time it takes to chill food is a critical control point in food preparation.   Rapidly cooling hot food through the danger zone to a safe cold holding temperature minimizes food safety risks. Blast chillers reduce product core temperatures from 160°F to 38°F in 90 minutes, thereby reducing the time spent in the danger zone.

The Profit Advantage

Speed chilling preserves food quality by eliminating ice crystal formation, stopping the cooking process and moisture evaporation, and preventing food dehydration. Not only does this process maintain the quality of food, it prolongs food shelf life, resulting in preparation flexibility and less food waste.

Chefs can batch cook once a week and prepare their more time-consuming menu items during slower kitchen times. Because blast chilling retains food quality as if just prepared, restaurants are able to offer their previously prepared menu items in a cook and serve application.

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