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Ice-O-Matic’s Small Ice Machines

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Mike Kraus, Director of Sales for Ice-O-Matic introduced the latest from Ice-O-Matic: the HIS Series of compact, space saving ice machines.

“HIS” is an acronym for Horizontal Ice System. “Horizontal” refers to the configuration of the evaporator. Most manufacturers mount them vertically, but Mike explained that when water flows over a horizontal evaporating plate, minerals are allowed to fall away more freely, producing a clearer, cleaner looking cube of ice.

At only 15 or 20 inches wide, and 24 inches deep, they are perfect for any application where space is limited. Their height allows them to fit perfectly under the counter of a small bar, spa, office building, or coffee shop. Producing 60, 80, or 100 lbs. of ice daily, they’re also great for church kitchens, community centers, stadium suites, nursery schools, teachers’ lounges, pool houses and weekend camps.

The ice machines in the HIS line feature wide, easy open doors with attractive euro styling. They are completely self contained, ADA compliant capable, easy to install, and competitively priced. With a 3-year warranty for commercial applications, Mike refers to them as the next big thing in small ice machines.

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