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Tempered Glassware vs. Annealed Glassware


Annealed glassware is cooled slowly to relieve structural stresses within the glass. Annealing glassware helps it resist cracks caused by changes in temperature. Tempered glassware is heated above the annealing point and cooled rapidly with air to balance the stresses within the glass. Resulting in glassware that is several times harder and a bit heavier than annealed glass.

Which is better Annealed or Tempered? Tempered glass is stronger and viewed as safer, but when it breaks it scatters, contaminating any open food sources in the vicinity. It’s also more expensive to purchase because it goes through additional processes during production. Annealed glass is less expensive to purchase and works well if handled properly. When it breaks, your mess should be relatively contained, but the jagged shards can be dangerous. Consider how the glassware will be handled, where it will be handled and your budget, when it’s time to make a purchase. The chart below will help you compare benefits and tradeoffs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.53.14 PM

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